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2010 - tennis fitness articles

There was a little pause in writing... meanwhile, I have completely transitioned from body-building to tennis. I am in the process of writing a lot of different tennis fitness articles and books, aimed to athletes and "ordinary" fitness warriors. Keep reading my articles. If you like them, the easiest way is to subscribe to them so you would get a notification by email when a new article arrives.


View the latest health tip newsletters from 2010 and 2011


Winter 2005

Pictures & news from Venice * MAKE time to exercise (or reach any of your goals) * Water * Get Sexual For Ultimate Weight Loss * Whenever You Are Be There Totally * The Perfect Husband (funnie)

Summer 2005

Pictures & news from Venice and Croatia* Negative Ions are positive for us * Crying over spilled semen * Phases of the moon * Want to lose weight? Then exercise 60-90 minutes every day * Be Thankful * 30 lines to make you smile

Summer 2004

Pictures & news from Venice * Water and weight loss * Jump rope * Bananas * Raising the bar at 40. More athletes are staying in the game longer, leading the way for middle-aged Americans. *  More Than 8 Hours Sleep Too Much of a Good Thing * Exercising during pregnancy * Another optical illusion  * The "little" things in Life * Adorable kids' views on Marriage

August-November  2003

Pictures & news about Suzanna * Children and obesity *   Low-Carb Diets Are Working, Study Says * On the way to success...*  Interesting optical illusion * Thoughts on life by George Carlin * On the Funny Note - a few Chinese Proverbs

June-July  2003

Pictures & news about Suzanna * Suzanna's Current training and diet *   Is sun shine dangerous??? (a few related articles: Sunblock Can Actually Increase Your Cancer Risk * Sunlight Actually Prevents Cancer * Vitamin D May Prevent Skin Cancer * Learn Why the Myth of the Sun Causing Skin Cancer Can Hurt Your Health * Diet and Sunlight Linked to Breast Cancer Risk)Obesity Fastest Growing Health Threat in U.S. * WATCHDOG INVESTIGATION: Designer® Whey Detour Bar *  Medical Procedures in General * Is Cancer Contagious? * European  funny note

 December - May 2003

Pictures & news about Suzanna * Thoughts about life...* Misconceptions about weight loss* How does the weather affect your health?* Beauty tips (a poem)* Protein for a great physique* Tips for healthy life style* Dr Seuss for seniors

August-November 2002

Bits & news and new pictures from Venice * Time Saving Cooking Tips for Busy Athletes * Fast Food * Healthy food shopping list * Fasting and protein utilization * Interesting note on strength ratio - men vs women * On a funny note - What a difference 30 years makes...

June/July 2002

News and pictures from Venice Beach * Paunch Lines: Weight Loss Claims Are No Joke For Dieters * Ten POWER FOODS * Sun tanning, bad or good? * Fight your age with weights! * Obesity, Dopamine and Addiction  * On a funny note - How to make each other happy

April/May 2002

Pictures and news from Venice * Burn fat for the summer - how to get started * The healing powers of the mind* 108 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health * Body Type and Training Strategy ,An observational analysis* On a spiritual note * On a funny note - Actual Car Accident Statements

February/March 2002

Pictures and news from Venice * Weight training for fat loss * Fast Food * Paradox on gaining muscle and losing fat * Shaping the breasts * The Jamba Juice Phenomenon * For men tired of receiving male-bashing jokes * Who understands women???

January 2002

New pictures and Sixftlions news from Venice * Holiday healthy rum recipes * A study on thermogenics * Basic metabolic rate and fat burning * Five quick ways to lose weight and feel great * Can you be fit and fat? * A word on vegetables * A thought on affirmations * Who understands men???

November 2001

New pictures and Sixftlions news from Venice * Water and fat loss * Use this moment  * Do you really want to get fit?  * The Masculinity Crisis * Go nuts * Of men and dogs * Think Positively

September/October 2001

Lots of BOOTY pictures and Sixftlions news from Venice * What is Life about... * Stay balanced and get lean * dehydration facts * Facts about diet and exercise: Fitness Q & A * Uncensored humor (yeah!)

July/August 2001

SixFtLion's news and pictures * The video is selling * The Spiritual Backbone * How to stay in shape once you get there. * Guns Vs. Doctors *  Will We Keep Getting Fatter? * Steps to Forgiveness * Carry Your Backpack on your Head??? * Going on a date with a bodybuilder?

June 2001

SixFtLion's news and pictures* The video "Suzanna McGee: Lioness" is out! * Cardio or Weights? *Chemical Pink * Understanding the difficulty women have in losing lower body fat *  Squat * Is weight training good for women? * Femsport Sports Model Quest * A test for the dirty minded

May 2001

SixFtLion's news and pictures* Focused... the real life story* Reading the labels* The Top 10 mistakes people make in the gym* Running from Safety * Perspective

April 2001

SixFtLion's news and pictures* Get Lean For the Summer... or For Life...* The Laws Of Manifestation... or Get What you Want in Life* The Zig-Zag Diet*

February/March 2001

SixFtLion's late news * The best time of the day to workout * Water vs. Coke * Rules for a greater life * Postworkout meal * Benefits of High impact activities * determine your level of inner freedom * Somebody's California diary * New 2001 Calendar of Babes

January 2001

SixFtLion's Holiday news * Recipe- Egg nog with whiskey* Playing the Game of Life* Power of Choice* Build some muscle mass* Working bodybuilders* Five quick ways to lose fat and feel great

December 2000

SixFtLion'snews * Feature about Lionessin Swedish Bodybuilding magazine * Recipe - Giant Meatballs * Sessions and Female Bodybuilders (from Playboy.com) * Holiday Eating * Inspirational humor

November 2000

SixFtLion'snews * Are you a rut eater? * Nature rhythms and the energy * Big Fat Waist that never wants to leave you? * What exercise is good for your body type? * Some good rules for happy life

October 2000

SixFtLion'safter summernews * Video is coming *Eat for the  Balance of the Body * Bodybuilders and Protein (looong) * A wise man said...

September 2000

SixFtLion'snews * Video is coming * Lioness is kicking bike * Does morning cardio make you lean? * Training and diet for your body type * Mecca Camera - spy on the big people  * Simple Sugars Make You Fat: Why Glycemic Index Matters * You need to be persistent to achieve your goals *Blonde with brains... Really???

August 2000

SixFtLion'snews * How You Can Burn 2-13 lbs. of FAT While You Sleep! * Summer six-pack * Gotta Eat  Six Meals, But Ain't Hungry? * Selecting the Right Carbohydrates - Glycemic Index * Bigorexia: Men Have Bad Body Images, Too * Why don't you make continual gains? * The never ending stairs... rolling and rolling...

July 2000

SixFtLion'snews * Follow one day in Lioness' life * Messed up your diet today? * Selecting the right proteins * How To Successfully Sabotage That Great Idea Of Yours * Muscle Growth and Fat Loss by Stimulating the Beta Agonist System * Hardgainers, are you there? * On a Funny Linguistic Note

June 2000

SixFtLion's summer news * Recipes - egg white "waffel", protein cookie dough * Fat andprotein in lean meats * Does overtraining exist? * Does Aerobics Make Us Lose Muscle?  * How Much Cardio For The Optimal Fat Loss? * Having sugar cravings? * Are you training right for  your body type? * Keep that smile

May 2000

SixFtLion's summer news * Recipes - yummy cottage cheese, tuna burger * A Real Summer Deal - Become Hydrophilic  * Exercise your PC musles ("it's about sex, baby") * About sleep * Get the lean summer physique * Fat loss with effedrine/caffeine * Get these glutes tight * Venice Beach Cult (R-rated) * Words of wisdom

April 2000

SixFtLion's news * Recipes - melted protein chocolate and stuffed bell pepper * Research notes about fat loss * Use the power of your mind to reach your goals * How to give a cat a pill (joke)

March 2000

SixFtLion's news * How many sets is optimum? * Mental notes * Are we stuck with the metabolism we were born with? * Guest writer Dr. Pine * Personal Trainer Goddess joke


SixFtLion's news * Wellness Tips that I learned from my dog * "Phantom Fat"


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