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December Newsletter

Venice Beach ReopeningThanksgiving is behind us, and it's time to get ready for another eating holiday, Christmas. Yesterday I brought home a cute little Christmas tree, put 500 lights in it and it looks really cosy. And it smells so good! (Sorry Peanut, nothing against doggie-smell in the house...). My Thanksgiving holidays were relaxing. I was invited to my client's house, where all her family was cooking, husband, parents, parents-in-law. Everything was delicious and my tummy got really stretched out. And when I was driving home, at 8 PM I stopped by the market and got a half gallon Peanut Butter Fantasy ice cream, and ate it all on a top of the dinner. Isn't that nasty??? The food made me so exhausted that I feel asleep at 9:30 and slept through until next day.

It's been 2.5 months since my last contest, and I am happily enjoying the off-season. Eating heavy, training heavy, getting strong. At first, I was fighting my consciousness about the cardio. I should do som to get a bit leaner, but then I want to put on some more muscles during the winter and it's harder when doing all the cardio. So I was debating this every day, until about 3 weeks ago. I started to workout with a training partner - the Battle Dome Gladiator "Snake". (Battle Dome is  a TV show at UPN13, sort of American Gladiatiors and Wrestling mix). Snake is 6'9", 260 lbs, ex pro basketball player. Believe me that I get pushed in our workouts. My bench press (that I used to hate a lot, because of my long weak arms) increased from 135 lbs for a few reps to 175 lbs. Now I warm up lots of reps with 135 lbs, a weight that was my top weight three weeks ago. I start loving bench press. My arms and shoulders are growing like crazy (hey, and I can eat a lot, without doing cardio, and no bad feelings about it... gotta grow, right?)

The other day, we did an interesting leg workout, first 6 sets of deep heavy narrow squats, then lunges (we worked it up to over 200 lbs), then some plyometrics (jumps) and then we moved to a leg press. In the fourth I did 20 reps with 810 lbs, in sixth set I did 8 times 990 lbs. And then we continued with some extensions and curls and stuff. It was a cruel workout, both we were hurting in our glutes a few days afterwards. Thank you, Snake, for pushing my limits! And here, for you ladies on the net, a picture of a sexy Snake:

My video will be coming out in January. The producers (Heroine Films) will be opening their Web page and introducing my and other videos. I will keep you posted in the next newsletter. My weight is still around 200 lbs... Hm, now let me check [getting a measuring tape...]  Gee!!! (happy scream). Biceps is 15 inches! Compared to 14 inches three months ago. I guess I am on a mission.

B&K Sport Magazine, is a Swedish variant of Muscle and Fitness. In the latest issue, there is a feature about me... If you want to see some pictures (how I looked 1995 when I started in fitness) click here for the page 1, or read (in Swedish) something from the magazine, page 2.

Recipe - Giant Meatballs

This is a European recipe for giant meatballs. I've been experimenting with these things lately, and they are easy to prepare, yummy and healthy.

2 lbs of ground beef (you can use turkey or chicken too)
0.5 lb onion
3 whole eggs
garlic (I put about 50 cloves in the thing!!!)
2 oz fried bacon for the delicous taste (not necessary)

white or black pepper
cayenne pepper
other favorite spices (I do something different each time)

Sometimes I put in some rolled oats (they suck in the juice), or grounded sweet potato (if I want more carbs), or grounded broccoli, or other vegetables I find in the fridge.

BicepsMix everything in a big bowl, and make huge meatballs that you flatten bottom-top. I do size just a bit smaller  then a tennis ball. I get about 8-9 giant meatballs. Preheat the oven, put the balls on a plate and shovel them in the oven for about 40 minutes. Check the color and when they look brown and smell tempting, it's time to eat. They taste great with melted cheese on a top!

I also found that I have a full freezer full with chicken breasts. Probably almost 25 lbs. I cannot see chicken breast since my contest dieting. So I experimented a little bit, and I shredded three pounds in my food processor. I made these meatballs from shredded chicken breast, with shredded yams in it. And of course tons of garlic. The balls were white/yellow/orange color (interesting meal, huh?) and really yummy! Good luck!

Sessions and Female Bodybuilders
found at Playboy.com

Most men view female bodybuilders as freaks. They cringe if they come across  some well-oiled bodies posing on ESPN2. They make nervous jokes to the guy at the newsstand when they see the chiseled ladies posing in skimpy bikinis on the cover of Women's Physique World. Maybe it's the bulging biceps and massive thighs, or those ropy veins coursing over muscle. Perhaps it's the jutting jawlines that resemble a Stallone or Schwarzenegger more than a Kim or Karla. And there's something just wrong about seeing curvy breasts transformed into rock-hard pecs.

Some men, however, see these ladies as Amazonian goddesses to be worshipped. But unlike most of us who are forced to pay homage to our sexual icons from afar, these muscle fans don't have to. They can easily have a sexual experience with their dream date. All it takes is money.

Officially, Women's Physique World is dedicated to celebrating the competitive world of muscular women. The informed worshipper of female muscle, however, sees the magazine as a guide to a group of very specialized sex workers. So does the rest of the female bodybuilding community.

"See her?" asks a Florida bodybuilding veteran, pointing to a photo. "She'll let you masturbate, and she sometimes jerks guys off." What about the buff beauty on the facing page? "That one does wrestling and domination, and she'll sit on a guy's face to smother him. And her, she'll go topless for an extra $100, and everything's available for a price."

No one in the sport likes to openly discuss private posing sessions, but many female bodybuilders advertise in print and online for customers. These sessions are one-on-one meetings for which men pay $200 or more for -- supposedly -- a private flexing show. Some of these sessions escalate to body worship, in which the client pays extra to massage his muscular object of desire while he masturbates. Many female bodybuilders will also wrestle with a client. Depending on the woman,there's also a chance for sex. If a guy starts negotiating, he'll find out how lucky he can get.


"It's the most intense experience you can have with a woman," raves a regular client of female bodybuilders. "It's more than domination. A dominatrix is just some woman pretending to be mean while she's taking your money. Female bodybuilders are all real. They prove that you're weaker than they are by carrying you around or by letting you hit them really hard in their abs. They don't even feel it. You start to wrestle, and you know she's in control. You're defenseless, and you don't have any choice but to worship her.

"Forced muscle worship is the best," the client adds. "She makes you worship her calves or some other body part, or she'll start squeezing you and put you in a lot of pain. The best session I ever had was with a woman who let me jerk off onto her shoulders while she did a biceps pose. I almost passed out." Of course, not all female bodybuilders do these private sessions. A national titleholder is quick to point out some untouchables: "You can't buy the top competitors. Nancy Lewis doesn't do it. Yolanda Hughes doesn't. Vickie Gates? Not a chance."

However, some of the industry's big names are available for sessions. Nicole Bass -- the female heavyweight and overall winner of the 1997 National Physique Committee National -- is a regular on Howard Stern's radio show. She has set up AOL chatrooms to solicit private wrestling sessions. Men who contacted her online got her phone number to arrange private sessions with "manual release." The self-billed "largest women's bodybuilder in the world" also solicits clients on certain adult sites, giving out her AOL address. "I am going to Chicago and Salt Lake City," wrote Bass in a recent posting, "to take on some clients and have the time of my life showing these men how to worship and serve women."

Other ladies arrange their meetings through websites such as IronBelles OfAtlanta.com. This site allows users to look at photos and profiles of competitive female bodybuilders from all over the country, complete with descriptions of how far they'll go in their private sessions. Kasie of San Diego, matches an impressive competition résumé with her availability for "fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lifts and carries, light domination, posing and flexing." Gayle is the 1999 overall winner at the Jan Tana Classic and is available for "fantasy wrestling only, muscle worship/posing, domination role-play, and some lifts."

"Iron Belles will stop listing women who get known as prostitutes," says one well-built lady wrestler, "but it's still a great way to let people know when you're available for sessions."

Fortunately, male connoisseurs of muscle-bound females can compare notes on women's willingness to do more than wrestle. The Diana the Valkyrie website (thevalkyrie.com) features a message board where men discuss the extent of sexual encounters with different bodybuilders. One of the site's users recapped his history of six paid encounters, doing his best to hint about the finer details: "Taking off her thigh-high hose was incredible." One of the biggest names in the industry also gets a glowing endorsement. "I shot my load," rhapsodizes the client, "the moment she removed her jacket to expose her massive guns."


Why do these women do it? Money. As one female bodybuilder explains, "Competitions always come down to who has the drugs." Several women confirmed to Playboy.com that bodybuilders of both sexes can spend more than $50,000 a year on illegal steroids and other drugs. To make matters more difficult, female bodybuilders are less likely than mainstream athletes to get corporate sponsorships or endorsement contracts. "Most women don't want to look like us," explains one woman, "and there's no money in competing on the national level. What else can we do for a living?"

And what happens to a female bodybuilder when the sport's power structure finds out she's turning tricks? Apparently, not much. Nobody seems very concerned about the private sessions. "If you're seriously out to compete," says an industry veteran, "you probably shouldn't get nude in a catfight or wrestling video. Doing sessions won't hurt your chances in competition." Ben Weider, the founder and International President of the International Federation of Bodybuilders, begs to differ. "If they're involved in sex work," says Weider, "or anything that brings dishonor to the IFBB or bodybuilding, they'd be suspended so fast their heads would spin. They would be suspended all over the world. They're toast, as they say.

"There are undergrounds in everything," Weider concedes, "but we're not going to let a few girls harm our reputation. If a woman bodybuilder takes a picture where her vagina or breasts are exposed, and she is active as a bodybuilder, she is suspended. Not just women, either -- we have men who have been suspended for doing stupid things."

Weider's determination still can't stop the sessions. The bodybuilders interviewed for this article requested anonymity, but not because of the IFBB. Instead, they all share the concern of being taken down by the IRS. "Some girls on the East Coast will come to Boston for private wrestling and domination," explains a lady on the circuit. "These girls can come in for a weekend and walk out with $6000 in cash. The IRS is making it all about money, because it's hard to prove prostitution."

How has this open secret gone unreported? The mainstream media just hasn't seemed interested. Magazines and television prefer an idealistic take on female bodybuilding, presenting these ladies as symbols of empowerment. In the early Eighties, powerlifting champion Bev Francis became a feminist hero for building her body beyond the traditional accepted female proportions. And Gloria Steinem once interviewed Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan, about how building muscles helped the presidential daughter to overcome her insecurities. In the end, it seems that no one wants to admit that female bodybuilders may be just another cog in the sex industry.


The female muscle fetish boom -- accompanied by steroid use -- didn't begin until the late Eighties. Now, many female bodybuilders are hoping for a chance to move from personal wrestling sessions to more traditional sexploitation. "The Playboy layout with Chyna only happened because of the pro wrestling angle," explains one entrepreneur, "but we're hoping it got a lot of the muscle fans out of the closet."

Toward that end, competitive bodybuilder Denise Masino publishes Muscle Elegance, the only nudie mag in which you'll find full-color advertisements for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend 2000. Muscle Elegance features the strapping ladies seen in mainstream muscle mags, but shot in sexy settings worthy of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

"That world of sessions doesn't affect me," says Masino, "and it's irrelevant to me whether or not a model is available for sessions. I'm not in that business one way or the other. I don't think that a woman posing in Muscle Elegance would necessarily be inclined to do sessions. I've posed for the magazine several times, and I don't do sessions."

Instead, Masino is trying to mainstream the world of muscular women. "We feature them nude," she explains, "while trying to keep a certain level of taste and quality. We do it along the same lines as Playboy. These are extraordinary women. If they're also presented as sexy women, then maybe perceptions will change. America wants to see their women as beguiling, and Muscle Elegance tries to show female bodybuilders in a favorable light."

It may still be a few years before some men are ready to appreciate the allure of a sexy lady with 17-inch calves. Until then, private sessions will remain a necessary part of the industry's commerce. "We really need somebody to come in and clean up the industry," says a frustrated femme bodybuilder. "The government is going to be down all of our throats soon enough. All the sponsorships are going to women who do fitness competitions, because they stay more feminine. Sex is the main business for a female bodybuilder nowadays. Some guy wants to pay me $300 to kick his ass? No problem."

Holiday Eating

Double Biceps  I don't know how your eating was during Thanksgiving, but if you gained pounds that you didn't want or plan to gain, maybe you need some better approach for the Christmas. It is difficult to stay on a diet when all the good food is around, in "unlimited" amounts, and all the parties and lunch invitations....

I think you still should enjoy all of it, but maybe change your routines in the kitchen and at the gym during this holiday season. At home, relax and have fun and enjoy all the food. Don't feel bad about your eating. Increase your efforts at the gym, do an extra session, and do your sessions a little bit longer.

When you don't feel deprived about your foods, you won't crave them. If you tell yourself, "I'm going to allow myself some of my favorite foods on this particular day so that I can enjoy myself in the company of my family and friends," then at that point, you have taken control, you are giving yourself permission to indulge in these things knowing that: 1) you can have them 2) once you've had them, you're going to get back on your program. The result is that you don't feel deprived, and you feel in control. It actually builds self-confidence and even more control for future situations of the same kind.

Now, small "healthy" tips during the holiday eating:

1) Eat your protein first, and eat more protein. Eat a portion of lean meat before beginning on mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, breads and rolls, etc. Your body uses more calories to digest and assimilate protein that it does for carbs and fat. The protein also has a stabilizing effect on your blood sugar and will help you to feel "full" more quickly.

2) Eat moderate portions. Eat slowly and chew every bite a lot. Pause, and then continue to eat if you feel the desire to. By eating smaller meals, you won't be "stretching your stomach" which can make it difficult to become full again in the days following the holiday.

3) Eat before you EAT! Don't skip your morning meals thinking that you can then pig out later in the day. That's counterproductive. Your body can handle only so many calories at one time. You'll feel much better, and your blood sugar will be stable if you have your morning meals.

4) Use low fat substitutes when possible. During holiday meals we eat a lot of fat-laden foods. But, if you have a choice between a lower fat and a higher fat equivalent, choose the lower fat equivalent if possible.

5) Give away your leftovers. If your fridge is stuffed with tempting foods, it's almost impossible to get back on your program the day after your holiday. You'll want to keep going back for more and more. You might rationalize, "I've already blown my diet, and I might as well finish all of this good food. It's going to go to waste." Well, remember that you don't want to waste your body, your health, or your hard work in the gym, either. What's more important, the food or your body???

6) Cardio is important if you're going to be eating like a pig (like 6 Ft Lioness). Try hitting an extra session of cardio the day before and the day after the pig out day. Go for a brisk walk after your holiday dinner. This will help to kick off digestion.

7) Help your digestion, and pick up a bottle of digestive enzymes at your local health food store. Digestive enzymes are very beneficial, especially if you're loading your body down with large meals.

8)  When you get in the gym the next day, work out a little bit longer. All the calories you've eaten give you an extra energy, so use it! Lift heavy...  Do some cardio after your weight training.  Drink plenty of fluid. The water and exercise will help to get rid of the water that your body might be holding during the holidays.

Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Inspirational humor

One day there was a bird flying throught the sky and enjoying the day. Well, he was enjoying the day so much that he started to fly way too high. He found himself starting to get really cold. Before he could fly back down to warmer air it started to snow. The bird very quickly froze and fell to the ground. Then to make things worse, a cow came by and took a dump on him.

Being that the shit was warm however, it thawed out the bird and warmed him up. This felt pretty good and soon the bird got really happy and started to sing away. A nearby cat heard the noise and wondered what was going on. So, he went over to the pile of shit and started to clear it away. He found the bird and ate him.

The moral of the story is threefold.
One, not everyone who shits on you is an enemy.
Two, not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
And finally, when you're feeling warm and happy, like everything is finally going your way, you should keep your big mouth shut.

See you in next year!!!!
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