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Video "Lioness" Cover

Suzanna McGee "Lioness"
six foot natural wonder

The video was shot in the late 2000 and finally has been released. "Suzanna McGee: Lioness" is portraying the strength and beauty of a muscular woman, together with other skills and qualities that she possesses. The woman is shown in a very artistic and to the eye appealing way. The producers are playing with lights, shadows, beats and speeds. Some of the shots are from the swimming pool, rock climbing and posing on the top of themountain against the sky, speeding on rollerblades, dancing on rollerskates during the sunshine and at night, training and posing in the gym. Some shots are from the home, showing the  regular every day life, co-starring pitbull Peanut.  The  60 min long video is accompanied with interviews and relaxing music, and 15 min long posing session at the end. This is what the cover has to say:

Lioness on the hunt



six foot natural wonder!

It's all about the smile. Sure she's 6' 180 pounds of solid, all-natural muscle. Sure she's a top bodybuilder and national rollerdance champion. Sure she's a nutrition expert and was once a professor of computer science. But it's SUZANNA'S smile that gets you: a smile like summer sun, so warm and friendly it could make Tyson and Holyfield kiss and make up.

Biceps girl


In LIONESS, we follow SUZANNA through her day, waking up, walking her dog, working out at the gym, rollerblading and skate dancing on the beach, swimming and rock climbing.

She tells us about how she came to California, her life as a bodybuilder, and her aspirations for the future, and she SHOWS us the results of all her hard work; a golden body with beautiful lines, serious power and the sinuous grace that earned her the name...


The dancing legs

I look forward to your order!!! Print and fill out the order form and send it together with your payment - money order, personal checks or cash in US funds.


Big booty...

Suzanna McGee @ Marina Fitness

14045 Panay Way

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


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