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Happy Holidays 2004!
Happy Holidays!!!
December 31, 2004  Researching cell phone market... Got this beautiful Motorola MPx220 for Christmas... Learning all about unlocking phones and how our cell phone companies are trying to keep us on a short leash.

December 24, 2004
What better can I do on a late Christmas eve than play some tennis? And then on a Christmas weekend riding bike on the beautiful beach in Venice, Santa Monica, Malibu... hmmmm... California!

December 13, 2004 Hanging on the beach in Venice, and became a part of Jack LaLanne's informercial for his famous Power juicer. He's old and so amazingly fit!

December 11-12, 2004 Entering the last tennis tournament for the year. Midwinter Classic at Loyola University... and won it!

Me and my mom munching on a chicken
Me and my mom munching on a chicken
November 17-27, 2004 Went to Europe to visit my family. Flew from Los Angeles to Zurich, to Wien... and then by car to Bratislava, Slovakia. Spent 10 days there, and ouch!  it was cold. Also, not much has had changed since I was there last time, at least 15 years ago. See more report in my upcoming newsletter.

November 10-15, 2004 Was watching WTA tennis at Staples Center... To see Serena's booty in real life was very interesting!  :-)

November 5-7, 2004 Participated in the "Celebrate Your Life" conference, in Scottsdale, AZ. Tons of great lectures about life, money, relationships, astrology, souls, love, with many amazing speakers...  Highly recommend in 2005!
The first place trophy
First place trophy in Beverly Hills tennis tournament
October 16-17, 2004 Played in the Beverly Hills Classic tennis tournament. And won it! 

October 2-3, 2004
Continued and won the Mountaingate tennis tournament.
Sept 25, 2004
Won the quarter finals in the Mountaingate Country Club tennis tournament.

Sept 18, 2004
Went to the Mind, Body and Beyond Expo in Los Angeles... They had this amazing computer "game" called  The Journey To Wild Devine. It is not really a game, it's an interactive tool based on biofeedback, working on relaxation and meditations while enjoying beautiful graphics. If you enjoy meditation and similar, you should definitely check it out!

Sept 10-12, 2004
Working in the booth at the Black Business Expo and Trade Show.

Peanut sleeping
Peanut is not a puppy anymore.
75 lbs of a dog!

July 8-11, 2004 Heading (again) to St. George, UT to the Vic Braden's tennis  college. Three days full of tennis from morning to night. Fun fun fun!

July 4, 2004
Peanut got bit during the fireworks evening...

June 25-30, 2004 The very much awaited newsletter will be coming out...

June 24, 2004
All possible updates of my site are happening... Hurray, finally!

Banging that forehand

Banging that forehand
May 29-31, 2004 Won the 26th Michelob Light tennis tournament. I played my matches (singles) every day during this long holiday weekend. It was very fun!

May 16-20, 2004
Flying to St. George, UT. Participated and graduated from the Vic Braden's Tennis college. It was amazing! At least 5 hours of tennis clinic every day, and afterwards, even more tennis in the hitting lines, with ball machines or whatever one wished. It was nice and hot (but pleasantly dry), and the nature in Utah was just wonderful.

May 15, 2004 Shooting a TV commercial at The Lasik Spa. Several hours of work for a little 30 seconds commercial. :-)

May 12-13, 2004 Got certified on another laser, VISX this time... now you can, guys, come and get your vision corrected with this amazing wavefront technology.

May 9, 2004 Photo shoot for my tennis coach's advertisement in the local newspaper.

In the booth at the FitExpo
In the booth at the FitExpo
Mini-me behind me...
Or is it maxi-me?

May 1-2, 2004 Participating in the Beverly Hills singles tennis tournament. Playing both semi-finals and finals on the same day, it was VERY hot, somewhere in the high 80s or low 90s. I lost in the finals.

April 18, 2004
Starting to play the spring tennis league... matches every weekend. Meeting bunch of new tough tennis ladies.

March 28, 2004
Playing a fundraising tennis tournament in doubles, in Marina Del Rey. Thanks to all of you who helped me to raise some money for the Boys and Girls club of Venice. In the tournament, we won our group.

February 20-22, 2004
Having a booth at the FitExpo in Pasadena...

February - July, 2004 Being the model in the advertising campaign for the The Lasik Spa. The ad is beautiful, bright yellow, and all over the LA Times newspaper.

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