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Sitting in the water, by the bar,
eating sushi... in Los Cabos


December 24-28, 2003
Very relaxing vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Great (and healthy!) food, warm ocean, lots of sunshine and not so much to do but relax and eat sushi and have drinks in the water of the pool bar. Hmmmmm, yum.

December 8, 2003
Starting to work as a laser tech at The Lasik Spa during the surgery days. First day, we did 21 surgeries.

December 4, 2003
Got my certifications on Nidek and Baush & Lomb lasers.

November 17, 2003
Peanut got ticket for hanging around on the beach off leash... I had to pay it... What's up with that, Peanut? If you don't live in LA, you wouldn't know that ticket like that costs like about 5 parking tickets...

At the booth at the Olympia Expo

At the booth at Olympia Expo, Las Vegas
November 15, 2003 The holiday newsletter is out...

October 26-27, 2003
Got stranded in Vegas because of the fires in LA. What a destiny to be stranded at the beautiful Mandalay Bay and have nothing to do but eat, sun tan, train and hang out in the spa.

October 23-27, 2003
Heading to Las Vegas to the Mr. Olympia at Mandalay Bay. Working in the booth (for The Lasik Spa ). Thanks for stopping by, you know who!

September - October, 2003 Working on the advertising campaign for The Lasik Spa. If  you live in the LA area, and have been thinking about getting out of your glasses or contact lenses, give them a call. You get a "sixftlion special"   :-)  And if you don't live in LA, you can have a little 3 days vacation by the beach and do it anyway... right?

By the lake in Bloomington
By the lake in Bloomington, MN
September 27-30, 2003 Trip to Minnesota, caught some kind of flu. Had to slow down for almost 2 weeks.

September 21, 2003 My DSL modem broke, I had to go back to dial-up for a week. Amazing how inconvenient it felt, I almost avoided the computer altogether.

September 17-20, 2003
Hanging in Las Vegas, checked out The Vision Expo. Got a wonderful new toy Clie UX50. You tech guys, you know how exciting!

August `12, 2003
Wow, is that true that I am 38 years today?

August 3-7, 2003
Hanging out in Bloomington, Minnesota. Visited for the first time The Mall of America. It's some serious cardio workout to go all around  :-)

In Waikoloa Village in Hawaii
August 2, 2003 The screening of the movie The surplus male... The movie is pretty funny, guys!

July 10, 2003
The planned shoot of  "2 minutes abs" video (by the well-known "Buns of steel" producer) got postponed. Indefinitely? 

July 2, 2003
The summer issue of newsletter is published.

May 17-21, 2003
Trip to The Big Island, Hawaii... Beautiful, recommended!.

Who eats whom???
Tuscon, AZ... the birds almost ate me.
May 3, 2003 The very much expected newsletter is finally out...

April 26 - 28, 2003
Trip to Tuscon, Arizona... mountains, hiking, desert and fun.

April 14, 2003 The movie Surplus Male is finally out. Lot of fitness and bodybuilding amazons starring...

What's on the plate?
March 28 - April 1, 2003 Trip to Vail, Colorado... snow, sunshine, relaxing and fun.

March 22, 2003
Got my RMR measured (resting metabolic rate) - 2920 calories! Yupee, I can eat.

March 13-16, 2003
Trip to Seattle, enjoying the beautiful nature, lakes and woods.

March 6, 2003
My parents are leaving back to Slovakia, after 3 months enjoying the sunny Los Angeles.
Girls, girls, girls
February 21-25, 2003 Hanging in Minneapolis, reminiscing Lulea, Sweden. It's cold. It's snow around. No sunshine can pull me out, so I am sitting here and updating my web sites.

February 18, 2003
My mom is getting her other  +10D eye done. Cataract. Thanks Dr. Bluth. My dad is getting lasik on both eyes, mono vision, so he can get rid of the glasses. Thanks Dr. Granberry!

February 11, 2003 My mom is getting cataract surgery on her lazy left eye.

February 8, 2003
Upgrading my WindowsME to WindowsXP... gee, my computer got messed up for a few days. But it's back and running... no more freezes, up to 5 a day... All you who have WindowsME you know what I am talking about.

January 25-26, 2003
Participated in a two day workshop about Pranic Healing. Very interesting!

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