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  Dec 31, 1999 Quiet New Year's Eve celebrations... Too long walk (55 min!) to the beach to see live firework, then "Puff, pufff, phuuufff" (5 pieces of fireworks) and it was over. One hour walk back home. It was a healthy start of a new millennium, huh? 

Dec 26, 1999 I was 171.5 lb three weeks ago. I am 192.5 lb now... Geeze, the holiday season is killing me. 

Dec 25, 1999 I got my scanner to work again! So I added some more pictures, they are spread everywhere in my pages, go and look for them.

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Dec 9, 1999 My parents are coming from Europe (Slovakia) for a looong vacation, until the end of January. It's going to be fun, I haven't seen them for two years. 

Dec 4, 1999 Bodybuilding contests NPC Ironman - came 3rd in heavy weights. Competing on 171.5 lbs. Four ladies were over 170 lbs. Wow, talk about big girls! 

  Nov 26, 1999 Some pages are updated, and lots of them are moved to my new location at Geocities.com. The traffic through my pages was enormous last two months, and I exceed allowed quota on Earthlink all the time. Gotta pay fine... When the bill came, I almost fainted and moved my stuff away :-) 

Nov 13-14, 1999 Bodybuilding contests Natural Olympia (Redondo beach) - I won Open Tall class. The contest was looooong, the prejudging started at 6 PM and I went on stage at 12:40 AM... hmmmm. In Muscle Mania, Nov 19-20, I did not place top five. We were 16 (!) excellent looking heavy weights. The cut off for heavy weight women was crazy - 115 lbs. Ridiculous... Lots of complaints from medium competitors. 

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Oct 2, 1999 I reconstructed all my pages and switched back from frame layout to a "normal" one. Latest dates and information were added... 

Sept, 1999 In Powerlifting USA Magazine, Vol23, No2, 9/99, pg 32, I am lifting a gentleman, Rob "The Human Barbell", above my head. 

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Sept 5, 1999 Peanut is 1 year old!!! 

May 23, 1999 Competed and won the freestyle roller-skating contest in Venice, California. I qualified to National Finals August 29, where I messed up and did not place... 

Feb 2, 1999 Participated in Maury Povich' Show "Gender Bending Beauty Contest"

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