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Working out the hams

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December 24, 2001 I  got an own fan page at www.andysmusclegoddesses.de a great site, with a lot of gorgeous athletic women. 

December 6, 2001 One of my booty pictures got selected for the Best Glutes contest in the Planet Muscle magazine. Check the next issue. 

November 18, 2001 The TV show for Pars TV network got a better time slot - every Saturday 8 AM Pacific time.

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November 11, 2001 I started to do an international tv fitness show for PARS TV, every Sunday 3 PM Pacific time.

November 5, 2001 I have  a new guestbook, finally... 

November 4, 2001 The new issue of the free newsletter is out. Pretty on time... :-)

October 26, 2001 Visited the Olympia  in Las Vegas, and met a few of you. That was very nice!

October  1, 2001 The new issue of the free newsletter is out. On time this time!!!

September, 2001 The November issue of Muscle Mag International, page 261, has a little photo and a nice write up on me. Thanks, Steve Neece.

September 1, 2001 A bunch of booty-pictures taken, for the Best Glutes contest for the Planet Muscle magazine. Location: Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas.

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August 12, 2001 That's my birthaday!!! Send me hugs and kisses and some love...   :-)

August 4, 2001 Finally the summer newsletter is out! Read it (and subscribe it for free!).

June 11, 2001 The video was shot in the late 2000 and finally has been released. "Suzanna McGee: Lioness" is portraying the strength and beauty of a muscular woman, together with other skills and qualities that she possesses. The woman is shown in a very artistic and to the eye appealing way. The producers are playing with lights, shadows, beats and speeds. Some of the shots are from the swimming pool, rock climbing and posing on the top of themountain against the sky, speeding on rollerblades, dancing on rollerskates during the sunshine and at night, training and posing in the gym. Some shots are from the home, showing the  regular every day life, co-starring pitbull Peanut.  The  60 min long video is accompanied with interviews and relaxing music, and 15 min long posing session at the end. Click to read what the cover has to say... You can purchase the video for  $39.95. See details in the order form.

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June 9, 2001 The June  newsletter is out!

June 6, 2001 The site has moved to a new server. Hopefully it's going to be faster, better and more stable. Thanks for your patience!

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